Twitch Tips: "Fall Cleaning" for your Twitch Graphics

Below are some tips for quick updates you can make now!


Welcome to Twitch Tips! I'm Cadet and I love working with streamers on the brand and their graphics.  This is more of a graphic - focused tips series to help your Twitch channel. For this article it started as post on here at Gamerized but I wanted to transition to an article series. There are 3 quick things to look at now to help your page.

  • Icons
    Social media platforms updated their icons from time to time.This causes graphics with older icons to look outdated. Take time to review your graphics that use these icons, and make sure to update them to the current version!


  •  Banner Matching
    Since the change to a profile page on Twitch it now has a background which is seen underneath the Twitch banner/header area. Try to color pick your banner background color and apply it to your profile accent color to create a seamless transition to the rest of your Twitch! If you have a multi-colored banner try to choose a color that is in the color scheme or complements your scheme.


  • Accessibility
    Many people use images with their panels. Having a panel with an image and linking it or using an image that contains lines of text, makes it not accessible for screen-readers. It is important to add text to the tite or description with info on what the panel is for especially since Twitch does not currently have an alt text feature for the panel images.


Thanks for reading this initial article of Twitch Tips. For more updates make sure to follow my Gamerized account @Cadet.



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