Gamerized 3.0

Over the past few months we have listened to, and heard your voices! We have fixed, removed, and added features to the site!

Hello Gamerized,
We are working very hard to provide the best social network for gamers. I personally want to say thank you to all subscribers who are helping us build this network. We couldn't have done this update without your feedback and support. Here is what we have already added, fixed and removed so far. We will be releasing these awesome features very soon!
[Added] New UI change
[Added] New sign up steps. Finding teams faster
[Added] Job Postings for groups ( SAY BYE BYE GOOGLE FORMS )
[Added] the ability to edit post reactions.
[Added] basic tournament brackets system ( we will avance it in next build )
[Added] memories system, gamers can view their memories on this day.
[Added] group analytics, view latest joins per week, month, year, and today. ( this will help with attracting new sponsorships in the future )
[Added] blog post notifications, get a notification when someone comments on your blog post.
[Added] forum notifications, get a notification when someone comments on your forum thread.
[Added] sub categories for groups
[Added] custom fields for groups
[Added] remaining pro membership days announcement.
[Added] recurring payments for the pro membership.
[Added] the ability to request a refund for a pro package if you're not satisfied.
[Added] refund policy page. [Added] password complexity system on register page.
[Added] prevent brute force on the login system, limit failed login per min.
[Added] the ability for gamers to be able to post in the pages.
[Added] the ability groups owners could add moderators with certain privileges.
[Added] the ability to get notified when gamers post new posts.
[Added] ads within and inside articles.
[Added] the ability for gamers to generate invite links.
[Added] the ability to get notified when the gamers you follow posts a new post.
[7:11 PM]
[Fixed] 50+ bugs.
[Fixed] bugs in API.
[Fixed] Important security issues.
[Fixed] Gender in profile settings.
[Fixed] sound issues with streams in newsfeed
[ Removed ] GEO location
[ Removed ] Gender option on registration page
Kind Regards,
Ryan Miller - CEO
Gamerized, LLC


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Dy Santos 1 year ago

Good Stuff! Excited to be apart of it.

Nick Finch 1 year ago

This is some next level upgrading my friend. LETS GO GAMERIZED!!!

Marc D 1 year ago

Looking forward to this.

Cynic Wolf 1 year ago

SUPER excited to be apart of this now


AhVery Nice.

ZexsOG 1 year ago

Nice!! Can't wait to all be put in action:)

Tru Beast Mode 31 1 year ago

Let's goooo!!!! I am so freaking excited!!!

Brett Cantwell 1 year ago

Not only am i excited for the future of Gamerized, but the new logo looks amazing!

Bandit eSports ™ 1 year ago


kimmy miller 1 year ago