We revamped the way to message your followers!

Well, we're doing it again, Today we're excited to announce the new messager program. 

Here the new update features. 

  • Media. Users can send pictures and screenshots just by using the keyboard shortcut CTRL + V
  • Chat color. Ability to change chat colors.
  • Nicknames. Ability to change/add/remove a nickname for the recipient and vice-versa.
  • Location. You can share location, by pressing the Share location button.
  • Emojis. A powerful list of emojis. Ability to see your recent used emojis. Filter emojis by categories.
  • GIF. Search/send gifs.
  • Stickers. Allows users to search for stickers and send them in conversation. 
  • Voice Clips. Users can send/receive voice clips very simply just by holding the button to record voice clips.
  • Delete messages. This feature allows users to delete their messages. Also, the feature allows deleting the messages on both sides for the sender and receiver.
  • Delete conversation. This function is not simple. When a user deletes a conversation, the respective conversation just disappears for the respective user but not disappear for the recipient. The whole conversation is deleted from the database when the recipient also deletes it.
  • Search. The messenger goes with an amazing feature that allows users to search in conversation and the ability to move up/down the search result.
  • Online. Our new messenger shows online followers in the Online Tab.
  • Search followers/conversations. Users can search for their old conversations or followers to start a new conversation.
  • Attachments. In messenger, you can find simple all attachments from the conversation in the Attachments tab.
  • Live Typing. Typing feature works like lighting, when the recipient just presses down the button, the user is automatically notified.
  • Instantly arriving. All the messages arrive instantly. Our test shows messages arrive within 0.1 of a second. When the recipient press ENTER the message is show up for the user like lighting in less than a second. Many thanks to our new Node.js server.
  • Previous messages. Ability to load previous messages in shortcut messenger.
  • Group. Messages are grouped by DateTime.
  • Multi-files upload. Upload multiple files at the same time. The files are uploaded one by one to keep up the server.
  • Arriving. When the user receives a new message a new contact is automatically prepended to the list of contacts. If the user is not in messenger then a new shortcut is automatically created.
  • Read/unread. Messages are marked with a ''READ" icon only when the user really views the new message.
  • Contacts. Ability to load more contacts on scroll down in messenger.
  • Groups. Ability to create/edit/delete group chats. Also as a group chat admin, you can invite, delete members/messages from the group and promote other users as admin.
  • Groups notifications. When a user is removed from the group, or a user changes the nickname for the group, all members are notified.
  • Notifications. Ability to Mute/Unmute for 30 minutes,1 hour, 12 hours, 24 hours, or forever a contact. Also, we use Cron Job, to unmute the contacts after the selected period.
  • Live URL Preview. All links are live fetched while the user pastes a link in the shoutbox, the user can remove the preview.
  • Media URL Upload. All links that contain video or pictures.. are automatically uploaded to your server and sent to the recipient.
  • Calls. Users can call video/audio each other for free ( no 3rd parties subscription ).
  • Audio/Video Calls. An awesome window popup is created on DOM, the user has the ability to move/minimize/maximize/resize the window while navigating on Gamerized.
  • New Message. Users can simply click on the New Message button to find a follower to start a new conversation.
  • Fullscreen. An amazing feature to switch the Messenger on Fullscreen.
  • Mobile view supported. We know mobile apps are a must but currently, we don't have one. But, you can still use messager on mobile view. 


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