In fact, players feel that Genshin Impact’s new Geo Buff is very useful

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The latest update of Genshin Impact 1.3 has brought many changes, events and new content for players to enjoy. However, one of the most notable patch notes is the 5-star geographic character Zhongli, who was strongly opposed by players when he debuted in version 1.1. The latest patch fixes many problems with the character and gives Zhongli a lot of gains. However, players without neutral should not feel eliminated, because the Genshin Impact 1.3 update not only provides a strong motivation for neutral, but also provides power for the entire Geo element.

In fact, before version 1.3, everyone should know that there are not many functions of geographic elements. It mainly focuses on defensive games and emphasizes the use of shields. Elements such as Noelle and Geo-aligned Traveler are part of this element. Because their battle focuses on generating crystal shards for protection through the Crystalize reaction, or creating rock structures to provide additional coverage. In short, Geo is severely surpassed by other elements, and other elements provide more gains and reactions, thereby increasing damage output.

Now with the new update of Genshin Impact, Geo has received a facelift, making this element more useful in combat. Although Zhongli has undoubtedly benefited the Genshin Impact Account most from this update, other characters in the Geo element have also gained more practicality. Now, players with Geo characters sitting next to the sideline can now finally use them more effectively when building the Genshin Impact team.

So how can players take advantage of Genshin Impact’s geographic gains? Before the Genshin Impact 1.3 update, Geo’s elemental resonance can only increase the damage of shielded characters by 15%. Now, according to Mihoyo's patch notes, in addition to the original 15% damage increase, it also increases the shield strength by 15%. In addition, the resistance mines of enemies hit by the shield character will now be reduced by 20% for 15 seconds. Therefore, by having two Geo characters in the team and shielding them, players can use this updated Elemental Resonance to improve their survivability and cause greater Geo damage.

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