Where should Genshin Impact players go to find Kurious Kamera's brown creature

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This is the sixth day of Genshin Impact’s Five Flushes of Fortune event. This time, we will use Kurious Kamera to take snapshots of brown creatures. This is our guide to help you.

Genshin Impact Guide: Kurious Kamera's brown creature

Yesterday, when you were looking for yellow items, I commented on the situation where o-color/brown photos seemed very rare. Well, even considering the randomness, I hope that using Kurious Kamera on brown creatures can help you accumulate this special color. Anyway, let's discuss the brown creatures I found in the Genshin Impact Account For Sale world of Genshin Impact, and some other discoveries.

Those who want to reset their roles every day and leave their roles in Monstadt are making a treat. That's because certain pigeons on the bridge do count as brown creatures. I think it may be due to slight discoloration or pattern. In any case, you should be able to Buy Genshin Impact Account get a few photos here. After Timmie is angry, you can turn them into food.

Hilichurls, mitachurls and lawachurls. For these enemies, you need to pay attention to any elemental injections they may have. If it is a normal type, the joke is counted as a brown creature (no element injection). At the same time, mitachurls should be good because they are mostly brown. For the warchief, only Shipira Lahus is an effective target.

Primo Geovishap and its variants. The Geovishap variant should be an effective target for your Kurious Kamera. Likewise, it appears that Primo Geovishap elite molecules are considered brown creatures, regardless of their elemental form.

Ruin hunters and ruin guards. These automata are also suitable for today's Five Flushes of Fortune photography theme. Like Geovishap enemies, you can use the "Enemies" tab in the Adventurer's Handbook to find their heavy objects, or just go to the small island west of Guyun to find a few enemies guarding the ruins.

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