I don't utilize any kind of bot, so I understand its not a hack attempt

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I don't utilize any kind of bot, so I understand its not a hack attempt from one of them as I have never even contemplated downloading . So this is my question, is there anything else I can do to OSRS gold make my account more secure? I have AVG antivirus and Ad-Aware applications, and'm using a fundamental windows firewall. (I have other anti-computer hack apps which I am not likely to make people ). Virus scan has been done yesterday, discovered nothing. I am beginning to have somewhat worried today, this is my principal account and I dont want to lose it. Thanks in advance!

In all honesty there's absolutely no reason to raise any abilities prior to going to membership, as coaching any ability is simpler with a membership. For low level skills, you have significantly less crowded skilling areas. For higher level skills, you have more options to train. If it's an option, get membership straight away.

When you have limited membership period available, then I would strongly suggest upping magic and melee combat stats. Combat lets you perform more generally, for example skilling in hazardous areas. Magic is extremely useful for teleports to save huge amounts of traveling time. Agreed with above, but make alot of cash, maybe spend half your membership time making money. Money is insanely difficult to earn f2p unless your staking (Which is difficult to get kills but you can create millons an hour).

It is down to personal taste. Magic is the only one which sticks out. Others can be trained much more readily in member places, anyway. I waited a very long time before buy RS gold becoming a part because I believed my battle level and abilities were not good enough for this to be worth it. Membership is in factn't a update just for high levels, though. If you would like to save money, you could wait a bit, as freeplay still has things to offer. However, don't do it if you are going to begin taking a look at the game as a chore for this. I would just say that when freeplay is no more fun/as fun, gain membership.


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