Do you know why Animal Crossing New Game Plus mode is needed

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If Animal Crossing: New Horizon players want to create beautiful island homes, a lot of work will be required. Every new game starts with a map of the island covered with trees, a few tents, and a vision for the town of the future. However, players who have long graduated from tents and continue to build a beautiful and prosperous town may feel that they have reached their goal. Restart Animal Crossing: The New Horizons game is almost no excitement for players who complete all the main tasks, which may be helpful in "New Game Plus" mode.

Once the player decides to restart Animal Crossing: New Horizon to save the Animal Crossing Bells file, they will need to accept the condition of losing all progress. Players can only have one save file per Nintendo Switch, so all achievements will be deleted to start over. The Animal Crossing game allows players to invite a group of new villagers to their new town and choose a new base island from scratch. For people who have already played the game, this seems a bit repetitive. However, if a new Game Plus mode is added to Animal Crossing: New Horizon, players can unlock new options by completing the goals of the game when playing the game for the first time, thereby reducing tedious work.

After unlocking, the New Game Plus option may come in many different packages. Animal Crossing players can start the game with a certain number of Bells to help them secure their position on the new island. They can also choose players with higher difficulty because all upgrades and building bells and new storage files consume more resources. No matter which mode, Animal Crossing can be allowed: New Horizon fans assign new goals or rewards to their previously saved files, thus regaining a more meaningful experience.

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