They upgraded myleague for new gen games

They upgraded myleague for new gen games

I guess all it took was an article from PixelSpot to 2K21 MT get them to press"upgrade rosters for Stadia"... badly that could not have obtained them much effort they were simply being lazy pricks.Would be amusing if they wanted to prove a point and updated it with the inactive players because of covid. I'd be pissed but I'd love the sense of humor in it.

Haha, that is great news. Although I'm not fond of how 2K treats their players, I will take a look at 2K22. Hopefully the images are updated.I feel ya. Could really use those players, or at the very least among them. They're displaying signs of bouncing back. Gotta think positive and encourage our team!

. ? Rosters reflect the injured players so if they cure or return shortly, the rosters must be updated more often to reflect the change. Xbox game pass, gift cards and games codes [W] Money through PayPal.

With the NBA season well and truly underway we've got yet another player evaluations upgrade for NBA 2K21.

Take a look at the full list below.No. They upgraded myleague for new gen games but once I checked that they never upgraded PC's myleague. Its the same myleague as before where I had a 84 total lonzo ball asking for $35 mill annually following a 11/6/8 year old.

Lol I've been holding off cause I play exactly the exact same manner as you do. I only want the automatic updates should anything but I could as well just stick with mods to get now.Where do Buy NBA 2K21 MT Coins you chance to get your mods/rosters? I have NBA 2K20 and if this does not have ray-tracing then I really don't noticed any point in buying this version.Oh, for rosters, the neighborhood is pretty much still busy. There's a 2021 roster somebody uploaded in the Create Roster part of this game. For almost any visual mods, the go-to would be your NLSC forums, simply Google the name.


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