Cyberpunk 2077

Its Fianlly Here! The Game Annoucend Almost A Decade Ago Cyberpunk 2077, But Should You Get It Now Or Wait?

So let's just say it right out of the gate Cyberpunk can go from looking really good looking to looking like mashed potatoes on the same machine in the same play session. And while I thought it was mostly my underpowered GPU (a GTX 970) I've seen comments and videos from people with better hardware than mine get the same results even if it's a little better lit in their case. Npc both walking and driving pop in constantly and if they do their textures don't load. It's super jarring to be fighting some gang members in an alley and walk out to a sidewalk covered in mashed potato people. BUT even though npc and texture pop in is a major problem that the devs are working on the larger world as a whole is beautiful driving through the city during the day and at night have completely different feels and visuals it is amazing what the developers did here.

 All thoses good looking vistas and wonderful places to walk and drive around wouldn't be as impressive if it wasn't for the sound design of the game.Personally the sound of the weapons in the game is underwhelming the sounds are serviceable but aren't anything special even on the futuristic weapons however, car radio stations , the conversations that npcs have as you walk around and  the different music that's played in different parts of town it's all well woven together to create an immersive world. 


The main story of Cyberpunk is interesting, but the game really shines when you take the time to do side missions. Side missions are generally more varied and fun compared to the main story,from fighting mini bosses under bridges to sneaking into a well guarded gang hideout that you are way under leveled for or racing through the city, there's something everyone can get into and enjoy. While i personally won't play through the main story again i definitely want to see what happens if i choose other paths on some side quests.

Cyberpunk is a fun and enjoyable game whose world is currently being marred by countless bugs, physics glitches, and performance issues. The world is enjoyable to walk and drive through and characters you meet are interesting. If asked if someone should get the game now or wait a few weeks or a month till the game is smoothed out by patches, i would personally say wait a bit and keep an eye on the updates by mid january the game should feel smoother to play. Either way Cyberpunk should be an enjoyable way to spend tens of hours.


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