Case study: ISO 14001 implementation in an IT system integrator company

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ISO 14001 Certification in Saudi Arabia for any major amendment in our lives, whether or not skilled or personal, their area unit queries that come back up before taking the primary step. Here area unit simply some of the queries that you simply might face before creating the choice to implement ISO 14001 in Saudi Arabia.

Why can we like the certification?

Where can we start?

Certvalue enough resources – whether or not Auditors, manpower, financial, or technical? In this article, I will be able to answer the queries higher than from my very own expertise. Do we need to implement ISO 14001 in Saudi Arabia, and why? Working within the ICT (Information and Communication Technology) business, you already use most of the procedures for the safety of electronic data and documents, access management, physical security, etc., thus you're most likely asking yourself if you actually would like the ISO 14001 Services in Saudi Arabia. You may not remember of this, however, the ISO 14001 consultant in Saudi Arabia, itself brings additional worth to your company – besides the fact that you simply would possibly like the certificate (e.g., as a result of perhaps it's a part of the conditions to participate on a young, to get some competitive advantage, etc.), the certification method can give you with a technique to raised perceive your business risks, weaknesses, and the way to enhance. At our Certvalue when an extended group action meeting discussing whether or not or not we wanted the certificate – the ultimate call was that we must always choose it.

Implementation method

We set to implement the ISO 14001 Certification in Dubai commonplace mistreatment our resources, at the side of materials we tend to might realize on the net, while not consulting any skilled. the primary impression was: “This is going to be easy; we tend to have already got enough information on the bulk of the topics, and that we will simply brace oneself for the ISO 14001 certification in Saudi Arabia.” we tend to start with the chapters that we tend to were most acquainted with: access management, cryptography, physical and environmental security, operations security, and communication security. we tend to browse the materials for these chapters and our thinking was: “OK, we tend to have already got of these enforced.” we tend to continue with the danger assessment, and that we started researching on risk assessment methodologies, and this section was one thing that we didn’t anticipate. The OCTAVE approach, the danger Management Guide from the National Institute of Standards and Technology, totally different spreadsheets that we tend to found on the net, risk house owners, risk calculation – all of an unforeseen, it was like somebody started speaking during a language that we tend to didn’t perceive. Having expertise in ICT security, it was straightforward to outline the risks, however, we tend to weren’t certain what to try and do more on – house owners, calculations of the danger, what's an acceptable risk, etc. Meetings, group action, additional data, and templates found on the net equaled tons of your time wasted and still no answer. Lessons learned, i.e., implementation tips It was a brand new and fascinating experience; we tend to learned new things, we tend to created mistakes, and that we improved. So, what we’ve learned is that the following.


1) begin with the danger assessment


ISO 14001 Services in Dubai though {you may you'll you can} assume (as we tend to do) that you simply will shorten the implementation amount if you begin with the chapters that you simply recognize, the logical means is, to begin with


The risk assessment, then

the organization of environmental management system (EMS) within your company, and so a listing of all of your documents and assets, with clear definitions of their confidentiality levels and importance, to organize adequate security controls. you can't prepare procedures for the environmental management system (EMS) and assets if you don’t perceive the risks. you want to remember that it's nearly not possible to supply a 100 percent secure setting, thus you want to analyze what quantity the information/asset is valuable to you, what quantity it prices to be secured, and whether or not the prices area unit acceptable considering the worth of the information/asset.


2) don't fall for 1st impressions


It’s a well-known comment, however in our case the implementation method extremely unconcealed to the United States that it's not enough to understand all the problems relating to data security. to attain the certification, we wanted thorough analyses of the risks and our business processes.


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