What armour and inventory if I use when PKing?

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I need to RuneScape 2107 gold understand what it is best for me to wear/ have in my inv. And what if I use, mage, stove or mele? Also if I was to go to Sara or zammy could I want different equipment? I only have 1.6m atm so I presume range would be my best option. Thanks to a help/time Paul. Well I would seriously not consider gwding unless you can get 80-80-80 /90 range. Most acceptable small teams will not even think about you unless you know everyone there (how I proceed to bandos)

I only have a few questions about PvP: What exactly does being skulled do and how can you get skulled? What armour and inventory if I use when PKing? I used to be level 106, today my level is 100+6. Why can it be 100+6 rather than just 106? Any other suggestions on PKing? What exactly does being skulled do and how do you become skulled? This means you will lose all your things on death. If you arent skulled this means you'll maintain your 3 most valuable items on departure. To get a skull above your head you need to strike someone first. If someone strikes you and you don't have any skull, then you can strike them back without being skulled. See it has a penalty.

What armour and inventory if I use when PKing? This is dependent upon your combat related lvls and what you can afford to loose. I was level 106, today my level is 100+6. Why is it 100+6 rather than only 106? Lvl 100 battle + 6 combat levels gained with summoning. Any other suggestions on PKing? Bring a Dds its a good way to place someone K.O employing the spec + poison. Know what yo ucan manage to loose. High Range lvl and higher strenght lvl is a big +.

I'm planing to get 80 ranged soon so I could head to avansies and tank there for some additional cash. I just had a few questions: Do you think that it could be a good supply of cash? If I play with 3 hours per day on weekdays and 6 hours , how long would it take me to get about 20m? How much would I get per day? Is this a good installation and is there anything I need to add?

My RC is currently only 46. I had been wondering if getting to 50 was worth it? I would like to try that Mini Game item, however is it worth getting 50 RC just to try the game? Can you earn money off the match? And for RC what could you suggest getting to 50 with. I was thinking of Nats, but that I do not utilize the Abyss, even though it's quicker. I use the gnome flyer for into the plac round from the character altar, I then tele using a Glory into Alkhaird then repeat, takes like 3 minutes or so only for 1 load. Or, what additional runes could I do that comes with an easy path? It's always worth it to train runecrafting, you need to target higher then 50, maby to OSRS Gold For Sale  legislation, maby to deaths, it is always good to train rcing, it can never harm you.


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